//Your Pet & Your Sleep

Your Pet & Your Sleep

It’s quite understandable—you love your pet and want it to be happy.  However, you want to be happy as well! Now it is time to consider if your pet is a qualified bed-mate. Here are some of the pros and cons of having your favorite friend sleeping next to you in a state of bliss:

It is true that being around your most delightful pet companion can provide a host of wonderful benefits, such as a dramatic lowering of blood pressure and anxiety. On the other hand, it can cause a multitude of problems.

Sleeping with pets is fairly common in the United States.  A survey of people who own pets found that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium dogs and 32% of large dogs actually sleep in their owner’s beds.  Also 62% of cats sleep with their adult owners and 13% of cats sleep with children.

If you suffer from pet allergies, however, which are most often due to pet dander and pet hair, you may be setting yourself up for trouble.  You may have to see a doctor to determine the exact allergy and then have a treatment of shots to prevent it from interfering with your everyday life.  And although there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic pet, Dr. Mark Holbreich, who is an allergist in Indiana, says that larger dogs tend to trigger more allergies than smaller pets.

Of course, you are going to want to make sure that your pet is up to date on all of its shots.  Your veterinarian can help you keep track of all the vaccinations that Rover and Kitty Kat should have.  Ensure you’re current with pest and parasite prevention so you don’t get any adverse reactions from your furry bed-mate.

Dr. Charles Bae, a sleep medicine expert at Cleveland Clinic, advises, “Pets can help people with anxiety and help people relax”, he says. “I can imagine some human bed partners that are more disruptive than smaller pets.”

Sleeping with your fuzzy friend may or may not be good for you.  It depends on how restless the animal is.  Dr. Lois Krahn, a sleep medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine in Arizona reported that while 20 percent of the study’s 150 respondents reported sleep disturbances because of pets, 41 percent believed having a pet in the bedroom led to better sleep.

But before you start getting the idea that sleeping with your best buddy is all wine and roses, consider these facts:  Believe it or not, you can actually catch the bubonic plague from the fleas on your pet.  Yes, it’s rare, but from 1977 and 1998 there were 28 cases of this ailment documented that originated with the family cat.  Dogs can also be carriers of this disease.

Parasites can be another problem.  The most common are roundworms and hookworms in dogs and cats which lay eggs in your pet’s hair.  Not a pleasant thought when it’s time to relax and drift off to sleep…

Ticks, mites and fleas are common intruders in your pet’s life as well.  These critters are not something you want to share with your best friend!  “Ticks carry many diseases contagious to people, a few of the more notable being Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Anaplasmosis,” said Veterinarian Dr. Carol Osborne. “Ticks are especially common in Great Lakes Regions where they are endemic.”

A study by the Mayo Clinic in 2015 showed that sleeping with pets gives the owner a sense of security.  Pets warm beds, and lend a comforting presence.  It’s especially beneficial if the owner lives alone, or has a spouse who works a different shift.

“There are all kinds of medical benefits to having a pet,” says Lisa Shives, MD, medical director of Northshore Sleep Medicine, “And some people might feel safer or calmer with a dog in their bed.”

Sleeping with your best furry buddy has inherent pros and cons and it’s up to you, and your sleeping partner, to decide if 3 is a crowd, for a comfy fuzzy cuddle. The KAYA mattress was created with your sleeping partner in mind, with virtually zero motion transfer, protecting you from the disturbance of other movement. Your pet will be free to roll around as he or she pleases, while you drift off into a sweet slumber.

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