//Why Foam Density Matters

Why Foam Density Matters

When looking to buy a mattress, it is very easy to get lost between all the different types of designs, specifications and features. One property that should always be taken into consideration is foam density. If you had already started researching mattresses before deciding which one to buy, it is likely that you’ve heard or seen what their foam densities are, as density is an integral piece of information. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important?

What is foam density?

First, we should introduce what foam density means. Density, by definition, is the amount of mass per unit volume. Simply put, it is the amount of foam that exists in a certain space. For example, let’s say we have 5-lbs of foam on one side of the room, and 2-lbs on the other side of the room. If we take the 5-lbs foam and move it to a closed box in the size of 1 cubic foot, the density would be higher than if we would’ve taken the 2-lbs foam and closed it in the same box. Just as in our example, foam density is measured in pounds per cubic foot (PCF), and the higher it is, the denser the foam. Some manufacturers might refer to density in lbs. and not PCF, but the weight should be measured per volume.

It is important not to confuse density with ILD, as these are two completely different properties. ILD, or Indention Load Deflection, is a measurement of firmness. More accurately, without getting too technical, it represents the weight needed to compress the foam by a certain amount. Other than firmness, ILD does not provide much importance, as it does not affect quality, support or durability, as opposed to foam density.

How does foam density affect the mattress?

When it comes to foam densities, the higher the density, the better its physical properties, such as support and durability. Taking that into mind, it is not surprising that the higher the density, the greater the cost as well. That is why it is very hard to find a mattress that is both of high quality and within a lucrative price range. The people behind the KAYA mattress had recognized the need for such a mattress, and came up with an amazing product – a premium hybrid mattress, made of top-quality materials, for an affordable price.

The foam density by itself is not the only thing. In order to get the complete benefits of the high-density foam, it should be placed where the compression forces are highest. Since the upper layers of a mattress are more prone to these compression forces, that is where the highest density foams should be placed, as those are the layers that should be most durable.

Some people put their trust in review sites alone, and do not bother to compare products one by one, as that could get tedious after a while. However, when it comes to a durability, mattress reviews will rarely be able to provide actual information, as they are not able to try that mattress continuously, for years, before writing their review. That is why looking at foam densities is always a good idea.

Contrary to popular belief, foam firmness and foam density are independent. Mattresses with high-density foam layers will not necessarily be firmer, or vice versa. What high-density foam mattresses will provide however, is better support, which can come with either a soft or a firm mattress. The increase in support is due to more material being used in high-density foams, providing better ability to push back against weight.

Bottom line

To summarize, foam density is one of the most important qualities of a mattress. The higher the density, the more likely it is that the mattress is of high-quality. It affects the mattress’ longevity and durability, and its ability to provide support. It does not affect firmness and different firmness levels could be found in mattresses with varying foam densities. Higher foam densities are worth paying for, as you will get your money’s worth. With KAYA, you won’t even have to pay a higher price for it. Better quality, for a better price.

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